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All these years of life have been a long long time
I've got to know a lot of people who are friends of mine
I won't forget them, and I'm gonna hold the line

All my life along I'll really love them still
But nobody compares to you - I love you more and I will

I really like this little child inside a man
Even if my humours bad I feel your love and then
Your deep empathy makes me feel so glad again

When I've made a mess you just pay my bill
What would I be without you, I love you and I will

I don't really ever want to tease you with hot air
Silly love songs, I could never stand them, I want to express honestly you'll see
I just wanna tell you how I feel, how much you mean to me
Two trunks grown to one only treetop, strongly standing here

The party's over now and all our friends have gone
It was a quite nice evening for you have turned them on
But my dear its even better to be with you alone

You are my best friend, you're the greatest love until
Until the planet earth is sunk I love you, yes I will