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Why must you talk in circles? I go crazy
Beat around the bush, loud - dippy little washout
I try and try and try to lift the hazy
Veil from your uncaution(al) - cerebral distortion

You're talking like a swat just when you're bending
Speaking like a boffin - but all you say means nothing
Why can't you ever try to understand it?
This is just a question - give me your suggestion!

You mean to have a street cred when you're snooty
Much too drip to learn it - washout's not concerned
Behind your doors you're boring, pooped and moody
Well I'm really brassed off - can't you move your arse off?

I'm narked off and I cannot stand this washout
Ugh, your mind is silly - it's giving me the willies
I'm narked off, yes I'm really really brassed off
Washout's missed the real wire - really fucking hell fire!

I can't stand you anymore
I flee!