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Whenever a war's outburst, morals do not exist, misery's always the same
Innocent citizens, children too they become, victims of torture and pain
Delusion is like a fever
Culture is lost forever
I can't explain war and pain

Picturesque monuments are irretrievable but in war no one cares
Pilots don't see what they do so they needn't reflect and can swallow their fears
Air raid on peaceful town
Irretrievable's burning down
War and pain what a shame

It may be quite easy
To stop this old delusion and come back to sense, I guess
Make use of your reason!
I don't need to tell bout the meaning of life. I ask:
"Is war a solution?"
Violence and rape, murder, destruction and minds that hate
It's just a delusion
Like those heads of the Hydra for each you cut at least two grow again

Will people ever try to cope with each other instead of scattering bad seed
Hatred provokes chain reactions and wounds of war will longer ache than they bleed
Ravage, death, guns and knives
No one asks what is life
Normal life can't return
For a long time - won't they learn
War and pain, It's just insane
War and pain the winners name
is Death.