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I want to tell you dear, you trusted in her far too long
Now I can see it clearly who's the right and who's the wrong
This one will give you all the good things that you never had
As long as you trustd in that bastard of ape, snake and rat

Why don't you take her and leave that rattle snake?
Why don't you break through real love, for Heavens sake?
This one will make you feel glad, if you decide
To take the right one, now take the right one!

Look in the mrror, don't you se how she had made you crazy
She's driving you up to the wall, she's selfish, sucy, lazy
Just like a nughty brat. She never ever gave you love
Like this one can gve you, please turn your mind and take off

Why don't you take...

Please calm down now and pen up your hadlights baby
Soon you'll find out this now one is all right and may be
She'd long ag have loved you f you only let her come close
To You, now get off of that dad end if you don't want to lose