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I feel so great
I wear my head up in the sky
Well nothings ever gonna blow me on the floor
It's just the rhythm of my life
I know you'll see
There is no use in moaning bout complaints
Life's great! Isn't it?
I must admit my life is really shit - hot!

I feel like dancing barefoot on the table at a congress
I want to swing on the chandelier
I'd kiss my stiff revenue officer, I'd take a dip
In the old well on market square
This is the rhythm of my life, I want it so
It is the best thing since sliced bread

I'm thrilled to pieces, it's amazing
And I believe it's gonna last my friend
How's tricks? Feel so great!?
Now join in folks before the chance is passed - yeap!?

I feel like riding on the shoulders of the queen
I'd like to throw around with coins
I'd spice my fish and chips with cinnamon and sage
I'm noshing pudding with minced loins
This is the rhythm of my life, I want it so
This is the rhythm of my life!