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Have you seen those people sitting in the road?
Did you ever notice they're living in their coats?
In the latest winter dozens have been killed
You say: "It don't matter because it's their own guilt."

I don't wanna believe these words you say
Because in my eyes you cowardly slay - those people

Have you seen the children sleeping in the dirt?
Disowned by the adults, their souls forever hurt
Hopeless survive struggle, digging in the tons
Crime, dope, glue and spirits: their suicide has begun.

I just wanna cry out "Let'em live"
And take them by the hand and help to give - a future

We can't deny nor close our eyes
Too many people share their meal with flies
Although it's grey, don't look away
Don't be indifferent and help to increase the day of those people

We live in a plenty, but we're dissatisfied
If someone has even more it just offends our pride
Rich guys always want more, insatiable greed
While a lot of people are sleeping in the street

We all think our world is upside down
But indeed we've failed to turn it round (towards those people)
You feel self-secure and get along
But maybe tomorrow you'll sit among - those people