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Though you are my one and only
I always leave you lonely
Nearly five days every week
While my madness is reaching a peak

Sitting in my students digs
Nearly five days every week
Though I work hard all the time
I've got Friday on my mind

I'm coming home, I'm coming home
When I'm jumping on the platform
I see your face, I'm going abnormal
Home! I'm staying home
We enjoy it, but it's tricky
Week-end time runs far too quickly

Fucking bloody Monday morning
Seminars are very boring

But when I'll have passed my exam
I will quickly take the next tram
I'll be thinking just about
You, and I'll be crying out:

I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Now our days will be much better
Everyday we'll stick together
Home, I'm staying home
When our dreams have come true - fin'lly
All our days will just look shiny

Step inside now, feel alright now
I am here to be by your side
The week is over, and your lovers
Going to keep you satisfied
Drop your sorrows, bout tomorrow
Now today let the good times roll
At the ballroom, we'll get more fun
And were dancing viennese waltz...

Quickly creep in, closely sleeping
Lovely night in our warm bed
Feel your fellow, in your pillow
And sweet dreams dance inside our heads

Fucking bloody Monday morning
Seminars are deathly boring
It don't matter cos behind
I've got Friday on my mind

Tuesday I'm a restless worker
Lunch is just a flabby burger
I'm hurryng through the students' crowd
In my thoughts youre all around

But this Wednesdays even longer
And the pressures even stronger
I read my books and solve my tasks
Just in my dreams I still can bask

Gracious Lord in all Thy mercy
Let me just endure this Thursday
Tomorrow is the fixed day
When I'm coming home to stay

Stay - by your side happy and proud
Love - now I'm here faithful it's true
Love - I enjoy every second I'm staying wait
Love - the last round's starting NOW

Got to pass examination
Nerves in steady wild vibration
When I've passed this final round
Soon I'll leave this remote grey town

Now I've got my final exam
Standing with my heavy bags and
Kissing your lips still at the station
My dreams fulfilled, I can't believe I'm

Home Home Home !