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They said you'll get the place at the top
If you work hard but there's a thing they forgot
Above there is a raw atmosphere
You're alone and so you can't linger there

Hey we've reached the top of the flagstaff
Now the peak of bliss has been crossed
See we've reached the top of the flagstaff
But the way back downstairs is blocked

No fun all offers are just remote
Cash and splendour they are boring me both
Observed people are nosy bout mistakes
Vultures are circling round - my head aches

Hey we've reached...

Can't they really understand my life has just been a front of bliss
Behind this front I've been a wreck, it's the real sense of life I miss
The rabbles hunting a falling man who cannot hide in his glass cell
The ground is breaking away from my feet, but nobody hears my cry for

HELP.... from the top of the flagstaff
Here I'll lose the rest of my stock
Now my wishes are turning backwards
But the way back downstairs is blocked

Money the single fighters one dream
Love I've never known what it means
And now I've reached the peak of progress
The top of the flagstaff - no way out of this mess