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You say that she loves you but I doubt if this is true
cos I have experiences, I know her longer than you do
Yes I feel, yes I know: she's exploiting you

You're buying her presents and you're giving all your love
you're playing her chauffeur, now I really know enough
Because I feel what she'd do: she's exploiting you

To her you're just a status symbol as she is wearing your ring
And you're so naive even foolish when you're buying her everything

I've just got to tell you cos you gotta see it clear
And soon you will notice that you overvalue her
Don't want to make you feel blue: she's exploiting you

To her you're just...

You think I'm a spoil-sport but you should listen to me
Oh, please man, awake now, recognize reality
Yes I see it is true: she's exploiting you

I dont feel no envy it is just a good advice
You soon will become sad if you still believe her lies
So I say just to you: she's exploiting you
So I say just to you: she's exploiting you