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I can't understand some things you say
Although you`re living so far away
Distance can't be an obstacle
Why should we fight such a hard battle ?
Is it so hard to find a way ?
Why don't you give love a chance to stay ?
I don't feel like making bold
You needn't to ask me why I'm cold

Like two lodestones we do match
A unique chance you didn't catch
And now you're blowing cold and hot
Once you say "yes" and next time "not"
Distractions in your head
And still you worry about it !

I don't know why you're feeling blue
Whenever I have been so close to you
You've said you've been floating on cloud nine
But now you're giving yourself ' hard time
Let's go through this surmountable trough
I never coerced you into love
You see the dark side of the facts
There ain't no logics in your acts

Like two lodestones...