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Terribly impatiently I'm waiting for you arriving
Soon you'll come driving. My desire!
I have never ever met you and I nearly do not know you
But I think I do so - my desire

I'm running up and down my flat, like butterflies in my belly
Grey is turning jelly, my desire
Will I do the right things? Oh I know I have to bend it,
I cannot stand it, my desire

If you only are as half as nice as all the fit ones I'd been wanting
Then you'll be granting my desire
Soon I'm gonna see you and I know it'll be a great change
I need that great change - in my li-i-i-ife (desire!)

I'm all out of the things around me
Just like a cat on hot bricks
We'll be having a hell of good time
I hurry up and don't mind the pigs

My desire's getting higher! Gone haywire! Desire!
How I want to be the one to turn you on! Oh Desire!

Soon I'm going to see you baby
and I'm looking crazy forward to meet
And I really can't stand to wait on
I know you'll win me head over feet

My desire's...