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Still wonder, is it right?
Darkest self-doubts have turned to light
On a train set, I first met you
Still can't believe it, is it true?

I'm so happy, I say yes
I'm sure you're the very best
I had never dreamt to find
More than I need, my oh mind

Still can't believe it we have found each other baby
I had nearly given up to hope that you would find me
I just can't believe it you're around me - when I need you
You will stand behind me, you will stand behind me!

Amazing, I don't hide
I can be myself, so bright,
For the first time in all my life.
What a feeling! I can't describe

I won't ask you (if) I'm your fancy
Love, your smile gives me the answer
I can see it, I can feel it
You'll be with me, (I) still can't believe it