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Those years ago he was a big pig head
I wanted love but he always wriggled
His face used to grow long and it hid its old beauty
It seems that I have been one of his tiresome duties

Suddenly he's an adult, what a bind it was in our case
I can't believe he's an adult, I cannot face it, I'm deep amazed

I wasted no tears when it finally was over
No more hot air soon I found a new lover
I seemed to fly away, left behind the old boredom
I'm fallen down on the floor - while he blossoms I'm torn

Suddenly he's an adult ...

Then I spent my best time gambling, I showed for ages
consideration of him sad remains were my wages
She's got everything laid on I'd built up meek as lamb
It's o.k., he has won and I ain't gonna clamb

I shouldn't care 'cos that times long forgotten
But now I'm down my last months have been rotten
I admit I nearly fell over backwards when I
Had heard that he has changed and at last won his first try

Suddenly he's an adult...